Fairway privileges

  • Weekday

    Couples before triples, triples before quartets 

  • Weekends and holidays

    Quartets before triples before couples

  • Individuals are not allowed to golf alone on the course. 

Etiquette & dress code

Members and guests are respectfully requested to observe the proper rules and etiquette when visiting Raffelberg Golf Club in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

General rules

  • Please register your tee-time at the pro shop.
  • Green fees must be paid at the pro shop before teeing off.
  • Please replace divots and remove pitch marks that may have been overlooked by other players on the greens.
  • Rake the sand traps and leave the rake on the sand.
  • Please avoid delays while playing so as not to keep the party behind you waiting. Allow faster golfers to play through.
  • Don’t drag golf buggies across the tees, greens, pre-greens and the areas between greens and sand traps. Keep golf carts off the greens.
  • When searching for your ball, wave the flight behind you through.
  • Driving range balls may not be used on the golf course. Violators will lose their course privilege.
  • Be courteous and fair.
  • Greeting etiquette on the golf course: Younger players greet older players – Older players provide the opportunity.
  • Do not discard cigarette butts on the grounds.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the grounds.

Dress code

We place a high value on appropriate clothing.
Wearing blue jeans, miniskirts, muscle shirts, sweat suits and tracksuits is not allowed on the golf course and on the training grounds.
If you need golf apparel, you’ll be certain to find something appropriate in our pro shop.